Amazing Tricks for Making Waste Things Useful

I'll share with you amazing tricks for making waste things useful. Never throw waste things in the basket. Nothing is useless in this world. Human’s creative and innovative nature has made it possible to convert the used things into beneficial ones.

Here, I will take you to the world of amazing ideas. They will certainly bring a revolution in your life. Let’s see how to make waste things useful:

Make shoebox the best organizer

Bring out the hidden artist in you. Get ready to convert a shoebox into a perfect storage cabinet. Using scissors, glue, some color markers and stickers will transform this into a useful thing. Joining five to six such boxes will make a perfect cabinet for storage. Moreover, it is environment-friendly.

Reuse plastic bottle

Reuse Plastic Bottles

The use of plastic bottles is increasing widely these days. Since plastic bottles are harmful to the environment. So, one of the best resources for DIY purpose is plastic bottles. Let’s get started up for changing waste plastic bottles into interesting artwork.

Plastic bottle organizer

Bottom bottle bowl

Cut out the bottom of the plastic bottle. Touch a hot iron to make its edges smooth. Apply some glue to smoothen the base. Color the fevicol tube and design in any suitable style on the bottle. Let the apparatus dry. Here, the bottom bottle bowl is ready to put it on the dining table.

Spoon stand and vase

Plastic bottles can also be used for making spoons stand as well as crafting the home decor things. You have to paint the outer surface of the bottle with some attracting colors. You will see that they will look like any imported glass vase. No one can even think that they were the waste bottles earlier.

Reuse compact disc

These days, compact discs are there in every house. When they get old or damaged, they become waste. Instead of throwing them out, you can recycle them. They have a specific shape and texture. You can surprise the people by crafting them into a masterpiece. What you have to do is a little effort. Cover the back of the CD with glue and spread glitters on it. Let it dry. Now, you can carve out the face, fins, and mouth to give the shape of a fish. It can be served as a wall decoration purpose in your kids’ room.

Reuse old newspaper

Do not put yourself in trouble by burning or wasting the pile of old newspapers. There are numerous ways for reusing the newspapers. You can clean the window panes with it, use it for lining the shelves and cabinets. You can also use it for barbecue cleaner.

Wrapping material

The old newspaper is a great substitute for wrapping material. First, wrap the items individually. Now, place them in a box or carton. You can also fill up the remaining space by crumpled paper.

As fertilizer

Another use of the newspaper is in your garden. Newspaper can soak the water from the flower beds and prevent it from weed growth. It also provides the organic matter to flourish your garden.

To ripen vegetables

You will surely be astonished to know that a newspaper can ripen the green tomatoes into the red ones. Click here to see the uses of newspaper to ripen the vegetables. Ain’t you? Just cover the green tomatoes with newspaper and eventually get the red ripened tomatoes.

Reuse shopping bags

You can store wasteful shopping bags in a trunk or at any place and reuse them for shopping in the future. Apart from old newspapers, plastic bags can also be reused as packing materials. They protect breakables and provide extra padding. Place plastic bags over the mirrors and wipers to prevent from moist weather. You can donate plastic bags to the people of small business who need. Reuse them as animal shelters as well.

Reuse skin of vegetables and fruits

You will be surprised to get that skin of some vegetables are very useful. So, don’t throw them away. Garlic and onion skins have extra vitamins. Reuse them while preparing soup or broth. Eggshells are bundles of calcium, which boost the growth of plants. Coffee grounds also keep pests away from the plants. Store lemon and orange peels in your refrigerator and use them as a cleaner for later use.

Reuse tea bags

Can you believe that used tea bags can relieve your infected eyes? Chill the tea bags in the refrigerator and put on your eyes. They can soothe minor burns and insect bites too. Feed your roses and ferns with used tea bags instead of throwing them out.

Reuse egg cartons

Egg cartons are not recycled mostly. You can reuse them as each hole for paints of a different color. You can make it a good organizer for keeping jewelry or tools like nuts and bolts.

Reuse styrofoam

Reuse Styrofoam for creating stencils. Draw different shapes and cut out for making scientific models as well.

Reuse tissue roll

Don’t waste empty toilet paper rolls. Wrap them around light bulbs to prevent their intensity. You can transform these rolls into pen holders or toothbrush holders also.

Reuse stained fabrics

Don’t think that worn out or stained clothes are to trash away. Cut them into small rags and use them for cleaning purpose. Excellent use of old jeans is to stitch handbags. Isn’t it amazing?

Reuse soap slices

Little soap slices are mostly thrown away to get rid of them. Now, make their best use. Cover them into a piece of fabric and hang it from a tree or pole in your garden. This will keep the pests away. You can also make homemade bath sponge by grating soap slices and putting them in small mesh bags.

Reuse bottle corks

Corks of the old bottles are not to be wasted. You can poke sticks into them and write the name of the plant on the other side of the corks. Place these sticks into the flower pots in which you have grown seeds of those plants. Carve a design onto the corks and use them as a stamp. Moist the corks and blend them into small chunks. Place them in the soil. They will fulfill the need for carbon for the plants. Store sewing needles in the corks.

Definitely, you will have got the techniques of reusing and recycling waste things. All the above hacks are not only environment-friendly but also provide convenience and comfort in your life.

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