How to Reduce the Quantity of Salt or Chilli in Food?

How to Reduce the Quantity of Salt or Chilli in Food/Khanay Main Namak Mirch Kam Kerne Ka Tariqa
You may be an expert chef or a house woman who cooks perfect food and people like it very much but still, to err is human. Sometimes, you are in a hurry or the quantity of food is more due to guests coming, etc.

When such a situation occurs, you add more salt or red chili in food, it definitely makes you worried. Or if you are cooking a sweet dish, you can mistakenly add more sugar, so what is the solution for these problems?

Tips to Reduce the Quantity of Salt or Chilli in Food

If you cook curry (سالن), pulses (دال), or vegetables and you mistakenly add more salt or red chilli in it, cover it with a Tawa pan (توا) as you use a lid and cook food on low flame. After 5 minutes, you will see that salt quantity adjusts adequately.

Nehari - A Meat Curry Dish
Nehari - A Meat Curry Dish

Sliced Potatoes

If you have mistakenly poured more salt or spices in rice, you can add sliced potatoes in it. The extra salt or chilli will adjust to normal taste.

Sliced Potatoes
Sliced Potatoes

Milk or Yogurt

Another tip is to add a little milk in the curry. It will make the taste normal.
Adding yoghurt in food is equally good to reduce the quantity of more salt or chilli.

Flour Dough

Flour Dough

A very common tip given by our grandmothers is to make a handful piece of flour dough (پیڑا) and fry it a little. Then, place it in the curry. It will soak extra salt or spices.

Desi Ghee

Just two teaspoons of desi ghee will reduce the extra quantity of salt or spices in your meal.

Paste of Dry Fruits

Grind 5, 6 pieces of dry fruits well in a little water. For example, take almonds or cashew and then mix this paste in the food. It will make the taste good without feeling any extra quantity of salt or chilli.


Add some cream in the meal. It will adjust the spices adequately.

Ghee and Flour

Adding ghee and white flour in food will serve the same purpose. Do not forget to add water because flour makes the food thicker.

Lemon Juice or Tomatoes

To reduce spiciness in food, sprinkle the juice of a half lemon or add more tomatoes or yoghurt if the dish is sour one.

Lemon Juice

Fried Onions

Crunchy fried onions can reduce additional spices in food.
In biryani or pulao rice, you can add more boiled rice and mix it.

Coconut Slices

You can add coconut slices in gravy if you want to reduce salt or red chili in food. Later, take it out from the meal.
If you are cooking vegetables and salt or red chili is more than normal, simply add a handful of more boiled vegetables in it.

More Tips on Mistakes While Cooking

  1. If you mistakenly add more quantity of sugar in ras malai dessert, add more milk in it to adjust to normal.
Ras Malai Dessert
Ras Malai Dessert
  1. If there is more sugar in sweet dish kheer or rice pudding, add two pieces of bread in milk and grind it. Then, pour it in the kheer. Extra sugar will come to normal taste.
Kheer Dessert
Kheer Dessert
  1. If you add more sugar in tea by mistake, just boil more Qehwa and milk in a separate pan and mix in it.
  2. If you are cooking vegetables or curry and they get well cooked. Oil disappears and it looks odd even if the taste is fine. Simply make some oil hot, as you do in Tarka, and add a bit of red chilli and cardamom in it. Mix it and immediately, add that curry in it. Mix well and serve now.
Vegetable Meal
Vegetable Meal

Friends! These are all proven tips that I have personally experienced. However, some may work better than others. It depends on what you are cooking. Try them and give your opinion.

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