Tell me the Name of 4th Daughter

You have to tell the name of the 4th daughter. Answers to some questions are so obvious, but we still fail to guess the right answer, just like the question in the picture above.

Normally, you may think that the name of the 4th daughter should be West, because three of the daughters' names are according to the directions, i.e. East, North, South. But this is not correct answer.

Again, it comes in your mind that the name of the 4th daughter will be someone because it is written with father as the possessive case of pronoun. This is, unfortunately, again incorrect answer.

So, what can be the right answer?

First, you have to see that the nature of this sentence is not of a question. It is just a simple statement with the period sign at the end. You do not find any question mark. "What is the name of the 4th daughter."

So, the right answer is "What". They are not asking you what is the name of the 4th daughter? Rather saying, tell me the name of the 4th daughter. They have already told you šŸ˜€

How many of you succeed in giving the correct answer? Maybe, you already know about this quiz. Then, you will definitely not fail to answer. For more such quizzes, check the quiz time category of our website.

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  1. Very Nice Puzzle

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