Can You Make This Line Small Without Touching It?

Can you make this line small without Touching it? This is a simple line. You have to make it small, but you are not allowed to touch it. How is it possible? This is a bit tricky question!

The answer is quite simple and explained in the end. Seven years before, an old teacher asked this question to primary students. No one was able to answer. They tried but failed. All of the solutions they gave were wrong.

You neither can touch the line nor erase it to make small. You see that there is no restriction on this question to draw more lines. Therefore, simply, draw another line parallel to the one in the question as in the image below.

Now, the first line has become smaller. This way, you can make a line small without touching. The first line is the same line. There is no change in it, but the second line is larger which makes the first line smaller šŸ™‚

Were you able to answer? How much time did it take you to give the right answer? This is a famous and easy question and I hope, you already know the answer. For more quizzes and tricky puzzles, visit Quiz Time Category of Gossips-Times.

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