Long Prostration (Sajdah) is An Amazing Medical Treatment

Yes, a long prostration (Sajdah) is an amazing medical treatment to all illnesses. You will be surprised to know about its plenty of benefits.

Prostration is an important part of Muslims' prayers. But it is not just for worship. It is indeed the best exercise of our body as well. Do not just offer prayers for exercise. You must keep its sole purpose in mind which is to thank Almighty.

Position of Body in Prostration (Sajdah)

Position of our body in prostration is such that we touch the ground with our forehead and nose. The arms are stretched and the hands are straight on the ground. We bow down in front of Almighty to worship Him.

The prostration is a unique state in which our head or brain is lower than our heart. It increases the blood flow to the brain.

Medical Benefits of Prostration (Sajdah)
Medical Benefits of Prostration (Sajdah)

Medical Benefits of Prostration (Sajdah)

Long prostration is an amazing medical treatment. I have personally observed the medical benefits of prostration. When I was ill, I prostrated for almost 10 minutes. I felt a soothing relief which was incredible for me.

  1. Since, our heart normally cannot supply blood to the brain as much as in the prostration state, so, our brain nourishes well in Sajdah. It has a greatly positive impact on our memory, hearing sense, psyche, vision and cognition.
  2. A long prostration increases our will-power. If you have headache, flue, fever, psychological disorder, neck pain, or any other common disease, prostrate for ten minutes. Focus on the blessings of God and feel relaxed. The results will astonish you. It is the best exercise for the neck muscles.
  3. A person who offers regular prayers rarely has muscles pain. The spinal cord and back muscles and the cervical spine become strong. You feel more active all day. Your backache will vanish.
  4. It is scientifically proven that, in the prostration state, our body discharges electromagnetic rays which are harmful if not discharged. The force of gravity absorbs these rays.
  5. Whatever disease you have, daily long prostrations (sajdah) will cure it soon. It is my firm belief and experience. That's why, our Holy Prophet has stressed on offering obligatory prayers daily.
Prayer is a Cure for Many Diseases
Prayer is a Cure for Many Diseases.

There are uncountable benefits of long prostrations. This is only one part of our prayer. You can imagine how beneficial will be the whole prayer and even ablution. Allah has made it compulsory for us because it goes in our own favour. Praise be to Almighty! If you prostrate daily before Him, you are blessed.

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