Which Door will You Cross to Enter?

Which door will you cross to enter? This is an interesting quiz. It is quite easy to answer.

You must cross one of these doors. On the first door, there is fire. On the second door, there is a lion who has not eaten for an year. And finally, on the third door, there is a gunman sitting and he is ready to shoot anyone who tries to cross that door.

So, you have to choose wisely, which door you should cross to enter. There are three possible options.

You surely have tried to guess this riddle. Let's give you the answer now. You cannot cross the first door, because of fire. Next, the presence of the gunman on the third door will definitely stop you from crossing it.

Now, only one option is left. You can cross the second door because you might have noticed that the statement is the lion has not eaten for one year. And no lion can stay alive, if he is hungry for so many days. So, it is obvious that he is dead and you can cross a dead lion without any fear.

So, the correct option is second one. If your answer was correct, let us know in the comment section. For more interesting quizzes, keep visiting the quiz time category of this website.

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