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Tell me the Name of 4th Daughter

You have to tell the name of the 4th daughter. Answers to some questions are so obvious, but we still fail to guess the right answer, just like the question in the picture above. Normally, you may think that the name of the 4th daughter should be West, because three of the daughters' names are…
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Guess The Number of Birds Flying

This is a quiz in which you have to guess the number of birds flying. If you solve it in a short time, it means, you are super genius! I'll provide the answer at the end of the post with detail. Let me give you some options so that you may solve it easily. 4951198663050…
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How to Reduce the Quantity of Salt or Chilli in Food?

How to Reduce the Quantity of Salt or Chilli in Food/Khanay Main Namak Mirch Kam Kerne Ka TariqaYou may be an expert chef or a house woman who cooks perfect food and people like it very much but still, to err is human. Sometimes, you are in a hurry or the quantity of food is…
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A Proven Diet Plan for Weight Loss

In this article, I'll discuss a complete proven diet plan for weight loss. I'll give you tips on it and also tell substitutes for the most common foods that increase weight. Do not waste any food. Let's start!  Start Your Day with Lemon Water Lemon Water This is a proven diet plan for weight loss. People…
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What is the Meaning of SEO and Advertising?

What is the meaning of SEO and Advertising? Well, creating a website and making it impressive is not everything, you need. It is useless if it is not optimized. There are billions of websites and standing out among them requires SEO and advertising strategies. This means when a user enters a query in the search…
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How to Register a Domain Name?

How to Register a Domain Name? The internet is a way to interact with the world. You can share your message and spread the knowledge all around the world with the help of a website. It is like a personal space that becomes your identity. You can control it as per your desire. There are…
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