In this section, I have written some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Q: What I do? What are my services?

A: I’m a blogger, researcher, Urdu English translator, transcriber, teacher, poetess, and Voice Over artist.

Q: Do I work individually or I have a team?                  

A: I mostly work on my projects myself, but if I’m busy with other projects, I do have a team of experienced freelancers. They equally ensure the quality of work in a fast turnaround. They are my senior team members and used to work in line with my quality requirements.

Q: How much time do I take to complete the project?

A: Within 24 hours, I can manage 2000 words writing, one hour of audio transcription, 500 words of VoiceOver, 3 hours of teaching, and 1500 words of translation. More work requires more than 24 hours. Meeting the deadline is my first priority. As soon as I get a project, I don’t sit restive until I complete it fast. But I cannot compromise on quality. I believe in fast submission with a high quality of work.

Q: What are my rates for these services?

I have worked on different projects for 9 years. In the beginning, I got a low rate for writing and translation, like $0.01 per word, but now after this much experience, I’m able to work for $0.03 per word. Still, if you cannot afford my rate, I can negotiate with you. For transcription, my rate is $1 per audio minute and for voice over, I charge $5 for 5 minutes recording.

My hourly rate is $15 per hour, but that is not for transcription.

Q: Which requirements do I ask for before going to start a project?

A: Niche

Number of words



Project file

Q: Which topics I don’t accept to work on?

A: Being a practicing Muslim, I don’t accept any project related to songs, showbiz, dancing, sex, dating, wine, interest, lottery, gambling, any religious content other than Islam,academic writing, adult content, modelling, music, films, dramas, block chain, smoking and photography.

Q: Which topics am I interested to work on?

A: Islam, travel guides, how-to guides, news, health, politics, economics, business, commerce, pets, dogs, real estate, home and kitchen, gardening, law, medicine, food and restaurants, ways of earning money online, technology, science, mobiles, computers, top tens, user manuals, indoor and outdoor games, lifestyle, designing, fashion, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, research papers for companies (not academic) and all topics other than listed in the above answer.

Q: Which languages can I speak, read, write and what is my language proficiency?

A: I’m a native Urdu speaker. My English level is also native.I can read and write Arabic and Persian. I can understand Pakistani Punjabi and Hindi but cannot read and write Indian Punjabi and Hindi.

Q: Which writing projects, I can handle best?

A: Research writing (Research papers for companies, including technical and business)

Article writing (On any topic listed above)

Blog writing (On any topic listed above)

Creative writing (Poetry,ebooks, quotes and stories in Urdu and English)

Content writing (Web content and blogging)